The Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) has recently partnered with the Canadian Respiratory Journal (CRJ) with the aim to:

  • Increase the number of published manuscripts on sleep disordered breathing
  • Provide an outlet to publish CSS clinical guidelines and position papers related to respiratory aspects of sleep research
  • Allow increased interaction between the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) and CSS

As of January 2015, CSS members can opt to receive a complimentary copy of the CRJ and an electronic full text version. CSS members will need to indicate they wish to receive the CRJ when they renew their membership in December. Dr. John. Kimoff (Montreal) has been appointed Deputy Editor and Drs. Robert Skomro (Saskatoon) and Marta Kaminska (Montreal) have been appointed the Associate Editors responsible for manuscripts related to sleep disordered breathing. Dr. John Fleetham (Vancouver) and Dr. Manisha Witmans (Edmonton) are the new CSS appointed members of the CRJ Editorial Board. 

CSS members are strongly encouraged to submit original articles, clinical trials, review articles and case reports concerning different aspects of sleep disordered breathing to the CRJ.