By joining the CSS/SCS, you are supporting the on-going objectives of the society and joining your fellow sleep professional in these pursuits.

In recent years, the CSS/SCS has been busy with activities and initiatives including biennial scientific conferences, publications (on paediatric sleep, oral appliance use for sleep apnea, and portable PSG monitoring), insomnia rounds for physicians, patient information brochures in French and English, Continuing Education Credit and Medical Education Programs, and collaboration with the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network on research funding and knowledge mobilization initiatives.


New this year!
  • CSS memberships can be purchased on a one-year or recurring basis (automatically renewing through you paypal account). Purchase a recurring membership and skip the work to do it manually each year!
  • The Sleep Medicine Provider Map continues to grow. This year we have added Oral Appliance Therapy Providers for those members that meet the eligibility criteria.


Your CSS/SCS membership dues support the initiatives described above, scientific conferences, student awards and more. Benefits of CSS membership include:


1. Education

  • Reduced registration fees and subsidized events at CSS/SCS scientific conferences.
  • CME and CE credit programs for technologists, physicians and psychologists through CSS sponsored educational events.
  • BRPT accreditation for Canadian educational events for sleep technologists.
  • Dedicated workshops at conferences for students, technologists, and dentists.


2. Networking and Visibility


3. Sleep Medicine Provider Map


 4. Great Canadian Sleepwalk


5. Information Sharing and Knowledge Transfer

  • Vigilance, a newsletter designed to keep the membership up to date with happenings of the Society and within the field of sleep in general. Vigilance also provides a forum for discussion of controversies in the field of sleep and sleep disorders medicine.
  • eVigilance electronic newsletter with current news relevant to sleep specialists.
  • Patient information brochures about sleep and sleep disorders (in French and English).
  • Public lectures associated with scientific conferences.
  • Option to have yourself identified on the CSS/SCS website as a Sleep Specialist to be contacted by media and members of the public.


6. Award Opportunities


7. Advocacy

  • Liaise with federal funding agencies and the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network to increase research funding opportunities in the field.
  • Facilitate and participate in working groups to generate clinical guidelines for sleep disorders medicine and technology.
  • Opportunity for all member types to serve in positions on the CSS Executive Board.


8. Corporate Memberships

  • Include your logo on CSS/SCS website and eVigilance electronic newsletter.
  • Ability to post employment opportunities on the CSS/SCS website.
  • Can post announcements to the CSS/SCS Society News feed.
  • Preferred booking space and events at our national meeting (e.g., sponsored breakfasts, receptions, poster session).
  • For more information about corporate benefits of a CSS/SCS Membership, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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