Recent research and reviews have also been completed to characterize the sleep, and prevalence of sleep disorders, among special pediatric populations.
Tietze A.L., Blankenburg M., Hechler T., Michel E., Koh M., Schlüter B., Zernikow B.(2012). Sleep disturbances in children with multiple disabilities. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 16,117-127.
Tietze and colleagues (2012), for example, provide a review of the current literature on sleep disturbances in disabled children, as well as outline future empirical directions to be considered within this domain. Based on their review, the authors estimate that sleep disorders are present among 67% of disabled children (76% of children with multiple or “mixed” diagnoses and 65% with specific diagnoses). Among children with severe global cerebral injury, the prevalence was greater than 90%. Insomnia and sleep-related breathing disorders were the most frequent symptoms noted. Overall, the authors conclude that there is an urgent need for sleep assessment tools that have been evaluated for use with specific pediatric populations of interest.