World Sleep Federation (WSF) and World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) have collaborated to found the World Sleep Society representing both individual sleep professionals and sleep societies.  WSF and WASM will merge into one organization serving individual and society members.  

Mission Statement:  The goal and purpose of the World Sleep Society is to advance knowledge about sleep, circadian rhythms, sleep health, and sleep disorders worldwide, especially in those parts of the world where this knowledge has not advanced sufficiently. – Read more –

Programs:  World Sleep Society will continue to operate programs of both the WSF and WASM.   Programs consist of education, awareness, and member services and include the following specific activities:

  1. World Sleep congress in Prague October 7-11, 2017.
  2. Educational curriculum within the sleep medicine and research area.
  3. Exam offering to individuals and sleep societies
  4. World Sleep Day, an annual awareness program on March 17, 2017.
  5. Membership services including member directory, job board, and discounted education options.

About WSF:  The World Sleep Federation (WSF) is an international organization that was founded in 1988 comprised of seven charter members – Read more –

About WASM:  WASM’s fundamental mission is to advance sleep health worldwide.  WASM fulfills the mission by promoting and encouraging education, research and patient care through the world, particularly in those parts where the practice of sleep medicine is less developed. – Read more –

How To Get Involved:  The World Sleep Society will continue all WASM and WSF programs.   Members can get involved in the following ways:

  1. Join as an individual or society member.  Members receive online access to Sleep Medicine, included in online directory, and are eligible for discounts on educational courses and World Sleep congress.
  2. Become a World Sleep Day delegate by working with local media to spread awareness of sleep issues.   A press kit and detailed information is available at www.worldsleepday.org.
  3. Serve on a committee.  The World Sleep Society is accepting applications for the Education Committee.  Members will be notified of opportunities for additional committees and leadership positions as they become available.
  4. Attend our next congress World Sleep October 7-11, 2017 in the beautiful city of Prague.  Details are available at www.worldsleepcongress.com.   

About World Sleep Society

World Sleep Society’s (WSS) fundamental mission is to advance sleep health worldwide.  – Read more -World Sleep Society Representatives

President: Clete Kushida (United States, WSF)
President elect: Charles Morin (Canada, WASM)
Secretary: Yuichi Inoue (Japan, WSF)
Treasurer: Thomas Penzel (Germany, WASM) 

Governing Council: 
Africa: Shahira Loza (Egypt, WASM)
Asia: SB Hong (Republic of Korea, WASM)
Europe: Luigi Ferini-Strambi (Italy, WASM)
North America: Carlos Schenck (United States, WASM)
South America: Dalva Poyares (Brazil, WASM)
ASA: Maree Barnes (Australia, WSF)
ASRS: Hrudananada Mallick (India, WSF)
CSS: Kimberly Cote (Canada, WSF)
ESRS: Philippe Peigneux (France, WSF)
SRS: Kathryn Reid (United States, WSF)

Transitional Advisory Committee:
Richard Allen (United States, WASM)
Colin Espie (United Kingdom, WSF)
Clete Kushida (United States, WSF)
Claudia Trenkwalder (Germany, WASM)
Allan O’Bryan (United States, WASM Executive Director)
Anthony Williams (Australia, WSF Executive Director)