To apply for CEC’s through the CSS/SCS, all educational activities MUST meet the following criteria to be considered for approval:

  • The content of the event should be relevant to the Sleep Technology Profession.
  • The educational program must be evaluated by attendees.
  • Only educational programs of 1 hour minimum will be considered.
  • Only educational programs held within Canada are eligible for application to the CSS/SCS.
  • The Educational Provider assumes responsibility for providing each attendee with a
    certificate of completion.

Completed applications must be submitted by the deadline dates for the four submission rounds – May 1, Aug 1, Nov 1, and Feb 1 – every calendar year. Please allow at least 45 days for application processing.

Please fill out the following application form:

    Type of Educational Offering (check the appropriate descriptor):

    Date of Activity:

    (To calculate the hours please see * at the bottom of this form)

    Content and Learning Objectives

    Provide a description of the topics to be covered and include specific learning objectives for each session or lecture. Identify the speaker(s) for each session and include their address, e-mail, credentials, and permits (please avoid uncommon acronyms). NOTE: This is not limited to two lectures only; please add more if necessary, for your educational event, following the outline below.

    Does the session chair have any conflict of interests to disclose?


    Does the speaker have any conflict of interests to disclose?


    Does the speaker have any conflict of interests to disclose?

    Evaluation Methods

    1. How will you measure the level of attendee’s knowledge to ensure that the educational objectives have been met?


    Will this educational activity be promoted using promotional materials?

    If so copies of all proposed promotional materials must be submitted with the CEC Application. The following are examples of Publicity:

    • Journal Announcements, Letters, Post Cards, Flyers, Programs*, List Serve Announcements and Web site / Web Postings
      * If program agenda are posted on a website, please include an exact copy of the content in a word processing friendly version attached to this application.

    All promotional materials must meet the following requirements:

    • Publicity (other than simple ‘save-the-date’ type announcements) must be submitted with the application for review by the CSS/SCS.

    • Publicity that includes more detailed information (objectives and faculty, course highlights, educational methods, target audience) must contain a Designation Statement (see below).

    • No mention can be made of CEC credits prior to application approval by the CSS/SCS-CEC Review Committee.

    • Materials may contain the statement “CEC Program Application has been submitted for approval by the Canadian Sleep Society” before an official approval is granted by the CSS/SCS.

    Designation Statement

    This statement must be printed on all promotional materials:
    "The Canadian Sleep Society designates this educational activity for a maximum of Continuing Education Credits. Individuals should claim only those credits that he/she actually earned in the educational activity."

    Grant Support Statement

    Will this educational activity be supported by any educational grants?

    If so, this statement must be printed on all promotional materials:
    "This course is supported (in part) by an unrestricted educational grant from ." PLEASE NOTE:

    1. Payment of the fee is required before the CEC committee will evaluate and provide feedback to the applicant.

    2. The CSS/SCS does NOT provide certificates of attendance. It is the responsibility of the Educational Provider to provide attendees with a certificate of completion that identifies the attendee’s name, the educational provider / organization’s name, date, and title of the educational activity, the CSS/SCS-CEC program number, and the number of approved CEC’s.

    3. The Educational Provider must submit an excel spreadsheet with the title and date of the event, CEC hours, and a list of the attendees names, addresses and e-mails to the CSS/CSC secretariat within 30 days after the event.

    NOTE: Additional templates - attendance certificate, tracking sheet and evaluation form - are provided as samples on the website.

    Calculation of the number of CECs requested

    Count the number of minutes that are considered instructional/classroom time pertinent for sleep technologists (do not count time for tests or evaluation sessions) and divide the total time by 60.  For example, an Educational Provider is offering eight 45-minute lectures in an educational program (8 x 45 minutes = 360 minutes, 360 m/60 m = 6.0) which equals 6.0 CEC’s.  In the event that there is a fraction of a CEC it will be rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour.  For example, an Educational Provider is offering three 60-minute lectures and one 30-minute lecture (3 x 60 minutes = 180 minutes plus 30 minutes = 210 minutes, 210 m / 60 m = 3.5) totalling 3.5 CEC’s.

    * If concurrent sessions/tracks are run within the same time slot, only calculate the absolute time slot. Attendees can only receive CEC credits for one session.


    The CSS/SCS CEC application fees for each of the educational categories are as follows: