By joining the CSS, you are supporting the on-going objectives of the society and joining your fellow sleep professional in these pursuits.

In recent years, the CSS organized activities and initiatives, including:

Your CSS membership dues support the initiatives described above, scientific conferences, student awards and more. Additional benefits of CSS membership are currently into development. More items will be added over the time. The membership is now for 365 days which means that whenever you register during the year, your membership will last for 365 days!

Benefits of CSS membership include:

1. Education

Reduced registration fees and subsidized events at CSS/SCS scientific conferences.

  • CME and CE credit programs for technologists, physicians and psychologists through CSS sponsored educational events.
  • BRPT accreditation for Canadian educational events for sleep technologists.
  • Dedicated workshops at conferences for students, technologists, and dentists.
  • Special educational programs for dental sleep medicine practitioners.

2. Networking and Visibility

  • Invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and reception, including voting privileges.
  • Networking and social events for students.
  • Inclusion on the CSS e-mail list to receive important news (eg: job opportunities, upcoming events, position statements, et…)
  • Posting job advertisements.
  • Posting advertisements for recruiting research subjects for a reduced fee.
  • Posting your new upcoming research articles on social media (please contact:

3. Great Canadian Sleepwalk


  • Raise awareness among the public and decision makers about the importance of healthy sleep by participating in the Great Canadian Sleepwalk awareness and fundraising campaign. Active CSS members have a 5$ discount at registration.
  • If you would like to organize a Great Canadian Sleepwalk, the CSS will help you host a Sleepwalk event in your city; past sleepwalks have been organized in several cities simultaneously. Your organization will be able to keep 70% of the profits raised to help support the advancement of Sleep Medicine and Research in your Canadian organization.

4. Information Sharing and Knowledge Transfer

  • Vigilance is the CSS newsletter designed to keep the membership up to date with happenings of the Society and within the field of sleep in general. Vigilance also provides a forum for discussion of controversies in the field of sleep and sleep disorders medicine.
  • eVigilance electronic newsletter with current news relevant to sleep specialists.
  • Patient information brochures about sleep and sleep disorders (16 in French and 16 in English).
  • Public lectures associated with scientific conferences.

5. Award Opportunities

  • Abstract competitions to support student and technologist travel awards to attend scientific conferences.
  • Awards to recognize outstanding student contributions, young investigators, and distinguished scientists in the field.

6. Advocacy

  • Liaise with federal funding agencies and the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network to increase research funding opportunities in the field.
  • Facilitate and participate in working groups to generate clinical guidelines for sleep disorders medicine and technology.
  • Opportunity for all member types to serve in positions on the CSS Executive Board.


7. Sleep Centres/Other sleep facilities/CPAP vendors Membership

In addition to Benefits 1 and 4 :

  • Personalized CSS patient information brochures are available with the name of your Sleep Centre, address and logo (16 in English and 16 in French).

8. Corporate Memberships

In addition to Benefit 3:

  • Invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and reception including voting privileges (One representative per Corporation has the right to vote. The corresponding representative needs to be identified annually).
    Inclusion on the CSS e-mail list to receive important news (eg: job opportunities, upcoming events, position statements, etc…).
  • Possibility to post employment opportunities on the CSS website.
  • Early notice about upcoming CSS events to choose preferred booking space for booths, and other sponsored activities (sponsored breakfasts, receptions, poster session, webinars).
  • Discount for CSS event sponsor/exhibitor packages.

9. Partners Benefits

The CSS is open to win-win situation partnership, a CSS customized partnership contract can be developed with you which will give you customized benefits. Please email us if you would like to become a CSS partner:

Become part of the active Sleep community in Canada today! Join or renew your membership now. For more information on the benefits of CSS memberships, contact