The Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) is strongly committed in promoting research activities across all topics of sleep research and sleep medicine, through our conferences, support to trainees, partnership with stakeholders and other initiatives.

The CSS is however not in position to provide letters of support that mainly advocate for the quality or importance of individual research grant applications, as such endorsements may confer an advantage to some specific sleep research teams over other sleep research groups in Canada without a full and transparent assessment of the applications.

The CSS may still provide letters of support to grant applications for projects that actively involve the CSS as a partner in the preparation, conduct or knowledge dissemination of research studies. Such requests may be sent to the President ( and Vice-President Research ( of the CSS, with a clear outline of potential CSS contribution as a partner in the project.

To consider a request, the CSS must receive the request with all the necessary information and documents at least one month before the deadline for a competition or a call for projects.