CSS-SCS Sleep technologists Continuing Education Credits (CEC) Information

Sleep Technologists are the key to the field of sleep medicine. At the CSS/SCS, we have information that may help you.

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In response to some questions about continuing education, here are some points of clarification on the new CEC evaluation program offered through the Canadian Sleep Society (CSS/SCS):

  • The CSS/SCS received approval from the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) to act as an accrediting body for educational programs. This means that educational programs approved and awarded CECs by the Canadian Sleep Society will automatically count towards re-accreditation by the BRPT. This is to help Canadian RPSGTs keep up with their CEC hours for recertification.
  • The CEC Application that can be downloaded from the CSS/SCS website is ONLY for educational providers wishing to have their educational sessions or programs accredited.  NOTE:  If you attended an educational session, you are NOT required to complete this application.
  • If the educational session you attended was approved for CECs, you should have been provided an attendance certificate stating who the accrediting body was (for example previously the AAST, now possibly the CSS). The CEC certificates will be provided through the educational provider, not the CSS/SCS, though records of attendance will be maintained by the CSS/SCS. Please contact your educational provider if you did not receive an attendance certificate.
  • These CECs are only for future educational activities, you cannot submit an application based on an educational activity that has already happened.
  • It is not necessary for Canadian Technologists to submit applications for educational activities to the CSS/SCS as well as the BRPT and/or the AAST. It is the BRPT who is the licensing body. This is another alternative avenue for Canadian educational providers to have their event(s) accredited.
Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Program

The Canadian Sleep Society has been recognized by the BRPT as an accrediting body for Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Educational Providers now have the opportunity to apply for CECs through the Canadian Sleep Society.

Completed applications must be submitted by the deadline dates for the four submission rounds – May 1, Aug 1, Nov 1, and Feb 1 – every calendar year. Please allow at least 45 days for application processing.

For information on the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT), please visit their website at: brpt.org

CEC Approval from CSS/SCS

Sleep Technologists may submit CEC applications through the CSS/SCS for all educational activities, however to be approved, they MUST meet the following criteria:

  • The content of the event should be relevant to the Sleep Technology Profession.
  • The educational program must be evaluated by attendees.
  • Only educational programs of 1 hour minimum will be considered.
  • Only educational programs held within Canada may apply to the CSS/SCS.
  • The Educational Provider assumes responsibility for providing each attendee with a certificate of completion.

CEC Application

Additional templates are provided for your use. These documents – attendance certificate, tracking sheet and evaluation form – are provided as samples ONLY: