Rebecca Robillard, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Psychology, University of Ottawa
Sleep Research Unit, Royal Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 7K4
Research Type: Basic human; Clinical
Study Population: Adolescent; Adult; Elderly
Research topics: Aging; Anxiety and Depression; Cannabis; Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine; Cellular and Molecular Biology; Circadian and Biological Rhythms; Cognition and Memory; COVID-19; Dreams and Nightmares; Genetics; Insomnia; Microbiology; Neurobiology of Sleep and Arousal; Nutrition; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Sleep-disordered breathing; Sleep microstructure (spindles, slow waves)
Techniques: Actigraphy; Clinical Trials Research; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; EEG; Electrophysiology; Event-Related Potentials; Functional Brain Imaging; Heart Rate Variability; High Density EEG; Home Testing; Light Therapy; Machine Learning; Neuroimaging; Neuropsychology; Polysomnography; Qualitative research; Questionnaires; Sleep Diaries