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To find professional sleep medicine providers in Canada (including sleep clinics, physicians, clinical psychiatrists, oral appliance providers and sleep educators), please see the CSS Sleep Medicine Provider Map.


Sleep-Related Medical Organizations, Foundations or Societies

Non-profit or professional organizations with a focus on sleep or sleep-related subjects.



Schools offering professional training in sleep -technology, -medicine, -research, or -related continuing education programs.


Sleep Research Institutes or Centers

Organizations conducting sleep-related research.


Academic Sleep Journals (Research)

Academic journals with a focus on the scientific understanding of sleep, sleep disorders, or circadian rhythms.


Sleep Education, Resources & Awareness

Professional or non-profit organizations providing sleep-related information.


Miscellaneous Commercial Sites with Sleep Information

For-profit websites that contain general information about sleep or sleep disorders. 
*Please note these websites are frequently companies directly selling, or offering reviews of, sleep-related items or services.  They may also contain general or targeted advertising on the website.  The CSS has not reviewed the sleep-related content of these websites for accuracy, and does not endorse the products or services.  This list is provided as a reference only.


Homecare Companies & Medical Devices

Companies providing homecare services, CPAP and other related medical devices or services for patients.


Sleep Equipment Manufacturers & Other Sleep Services

Polysomnography systems and sleep evaluation/diagnosis equipment for clinical or research purposes.


Other Sleep Conferences

* For information about CSS conferences, see our CSS Past Meetings Page.

World Sleep Federation

Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS - SLEEP)

Sleep Research Society

European Sleep Research Society

Gordon Research Conference - Sleep Regulation and Function

American Thoracic Society (ATS)

American Association of Sleep Technologists

American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine

Canadian Society for Chronobiology

B-DEBATE - International Center for Scientific Debate

International Surgical Sleep Society

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust - Clinical Update Sleep

Conference on Sleep Spindling and Related Phenomena

Indian Sleep Society

Latin American Federation of Sleep Societies

Sleep DownUnder (Australasian Sleep Association)

German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine

South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine (SEAASM)

Progetto Sonno e Psiche (Project Sleep & Psyche)

Integrated Sleep Medicine Society Japan (ISMSJ)