Atul Khullar, MD MSc FRCPC FAASM DABPN (Cert Sleep medicine)
Associate clinical Professor
Psychiatry, University of Alberta
Northern Alberta Sleep Clinic #302-8702 Meadowlark Road,
Edmonton, Alberta, T5R5W5
Research Type: Clinical
Study Population: Adult
Research topics: Anxiety and Depression; Circadian and Biological Rhythms; Insomnia; Melatonin; Narcolepsy; Parasomnias; Pharmacology; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Psychiatry; Shift Work; Sleep-disordered breathing; Sleepiness; Stimulants
Techniques: Clinical Trials Research; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Polysomnography; Qualitative research; Questionnaires; Sleep Diaries