Charles M. Morin, PhD
Full Professor
School of Psychologie, Université Laval
Centre d’étude des troubles du sommeil, 2325, rue des Bibliothèques,
Quebec, Quebec, G1V 0A6
Research Type: Clinical
Study Population: Adult; Elderly
Research topics: Aging; Anxiety and Depression; Circadian and Biological Rhythms; COVID-19; Driving; Epidemiology; Health Care Utilization and Costs; Insomnia; Neurobiology of Sleep and Arousal; Pharmacology; Sleep Deprivation; Sleep Homeostasis; Sleep Hygiene; Sleepiness; Sleep microstructure (spindles, slow waves); Stress; Traumatic Brain Injury
Techniques: Actigraphy; Clinical Trials Research; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; EEG; Electrophysiology; Heart Rate Variability; High Density EEG; Home Testing; Polysomnography; Qualitative research; Questionnaires; Sleep Diaries; Sleep Hygiene; Sleep Restriction; Statistics