Charles Samuels, MD, CCFP, DABSM
Medical Director, Centre for Sleep & Human Performance Clinical Assistant Professor, Cummings School of Medicine , U of C Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, U of C
Cummings School of Medicine; Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary
Centre for Sleep & Human Performance, 106 – 51 Sunpark Drive SE,
Calgary, Alberta, T2X 3V4
Research Type: Clinical
Study Population: Adolescent; Adult; Elderly
Research topics: Circadian and Biological Rhythms; Dreams and Nightmares; Exercise; Insomnia; Melatonin; Narcolepsy; Neurobiology of Sleep and Arousal; Parasomnias; Shift Work; Sleep Deprivation; Sleep-disordered breathing; Sleep Eating Disorders; Sleep Health Disparities; Sleep Hygiene; Sleepiness; Sleep-related movement disorders
Techniques: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Home Testing; Light Therapy; Polysomnography; Questionnaires; Sleep Diaries; Sleep Hygiene; Sleep Restriction