The Canadian Sleep Society is proud to recognize and celebrate the professional achievements of our members:

CIHR-ICRH/CSS Distinguished Lecturer Award in Sleep Sciences
August 2018

Dr. Charles Morin has been awarded the Distinguished Lecturer Award in Sleep Sciences for 2018. He will be a featured speaker at the World Sleep Society Meeting in Vancouver 2019.  Learn more about Dr. Morin and the award.

Honorable Mention from the World Sleep Society
August 2018

World Sleep Day Activity on Healthy Sleep for Kids: Dr. Reut Gruber (CSS Board Member), Debbie Will-Dryden and Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW).  Learn more about the acknowledgement, and the Healthy Sleep for Healthy Kids Program.

CSS Member Awarded Order of Canada
June 2018

Dr. Gilles Lavigne was awarded the Order of Canada for his research as a dentist and neuroscientist that highlights the interactions between pain and sleep disorders. Learn more about Dr. Lavigne’s appointment to the Order of Canada.